Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday With Richard - Total Praise

Probably my favorite song to sing in a gospel choir. So simple. So majestic. The altos have the part, but the sopranos bring it home.


Today, my maternal birth family buries their matriarch. The same day 42 years ago that I went to the foster home.


I am with them in spirit.


Overhead Spin said...

Fantastic song. Made me start worshipping all over again today. Very beautiful. The altos and tenors were there (especially the male tenors). Very beautiful composition. Which choir is this?

Craig Hickman said...

Vision, Richard Smallwood's choir.

Wilma said...

So makes me cry.

O.k. is was so very wrong what she did, but because she did you get the change to grow up with a great couple and sister! I cannot imagine what this al did to/with you, but I know for sure that you have great parents.
You know what I mean???
I hope you will have peace in yourself now and that's o.k. the way your path went and still is going.