Friday, November 14, 2008

Photo of the Day

A man wearing a hat made from newspapers clippings of President-elect Obama in the heartland of the latter's Kenyan family in Kisumu. President-elect Obama, who has become the East African nation's favorite son, has an 86-year-old grandmother still living in the region.


bittersweet said...

Love. it. completely!

Arlene said...

CH, This photo is stunningly majestic! Thanks for posting it.

rikyrah said...

This picture rocks. That's creativity.

em said...

One picture worth a thousand words.

This made me fill up.
For the first time since 1979,I see courage in America and hope in our brothers eyes; those who have been profoundly affected, hope is an action! Let's hope it continues
Let the debates begin

Craig, thank you for finding this shot :-)

MacDaddy said...

What a hat! What a photo!