Thursday, June 26, 2008

The View From Here

Backyard. Click to enlarge.


sdg1844 said...

It looks so lovely and peacfeul. Is this your bed and breakfast?

em said...

Bocce anyone? or maybe Horseshoes.....or maybe..

Craig Hickman said...

Yes, sdg1844, it's the B&B.

And my home.

Elize said...


We really love to come over next year!
(i'll sent you some pics of our new home and our view very soon!)

je nichtje

lexusOakland said...

Craig, I've followed your writing on other blogs and have always appreciated the even handedness you bring even to intensely emotional topics... now I know why! What beauty ... It calms the spirit, I'm sure... I love my urban space, love my neighborhood, but there are times my heart aches for something else.

oddman said...

If I ever get up Maine way, I'll be sure to visit this beautiful place.